About us

Bistro Charlotte

“Years ago I had a taste of France – its culture, lifestyle and, of course, food! French families that I met on my way taught me how to celebrate everyday life. Regardless of the number of duties, there was always time to sit down at the table, eat French specialties, drink I wanted to get some wine and talk. I wanted to transfer this French approach to Poland. Before the Charlotte Bistro was established, there was no place in Warsaw where you could come by the way, eat and meet with friends in an informal atmosphere. Thanks to Charlotte it became possible and today everyone can to taste a bit of France.

I invite you to the common table.”

Justyna Kosmala – Co-founder of Charlotte

Shared table

A large, shared table is a recognizable element of Charlotte – its quintessence. We want to connect people who, although strangers to each other, can create a community while sitting next to each other. Thanks to the common table, even those who come alone quickly make new friends.

“Together with Justyna, we wanted a large, central, common table, which is to be a recognizable element of Charlotte – its quintessence. As part of the project, I proposed a simple mechanism that allows you to raise the table top – thanks to this, the place turns into a bar and in Charlotte we have an evening atmosphere conducive to further integration. “

Tomek Rygalik – designer



“Passion … and patience are important in baking bread. The baker takes care of the right temperature, structure and shape of the dough to put it into the oven at the right moment. “

– Samuel Moreau, baker, Charlotte coach

When creating Charlotte, we were inspired by a French bistro with a simple menu based on good bread, the production of which can be seen on the spot. Today, bread is our hallmark. Its crispy crust, unique taste and characteristic holes are the result of baking according to an old French recipe. Its secret lies in its simple composition and extended fermentation process. Thanks to this, the bread is healthy and stays fresh for many days.


Charlotte’s menu is based on our bread. For breakfast, which is served all day, you can choose jam, chocolate creams, caramel or honey with a basket full of bread, or opt for an egg version. Our breakfasts taste great not only with coffee or tea, but also with a glass of sparkling wine.

We care about the quality of the ingredients so that our dishes taste equally good at any time of the year.

We also serve cold and warm tartines, quiche, toasted sandwiches, soups and salads. There are also confectionery and sweet pastries such as eclairs, white chocolate cheesecake or lemon tart. A special delicacy that reminds you that any occasion is good for celebration is the Charlotte Cake. Classic sponge cake with cream cream with mascarpone cheese, layered with raspberry and orange Charlotte jam, sprinkled with freeze-dried strawberry and surrounded by blue macarons!


What characterizes our wine? Quality and variety. We attach great importance to the selection of French wines from different regions. In many cases, you can drink them in Poland only with us. Our wine card is a real journey through France – the drinks are arranged according to the region of origin, and each sip takes your senses to a different place.

Just as bread is the basis of our food, the wine list is based on dry white sparkling wines. Next to them are red, rosé, dessert wines, apertitif and cocktails. In November, you can celebrate the most important wine festival with Beaujolais Nouveau.

Jam and chocolates

All the additives in the jars that we serve in Charlotte (and can be bought in-store and online) are handcrafted in our manufactory. The unique taste, short compositions and no preservatives make them (let’s be honest) irresistible.

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