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The first Charlotte was established at Plac Zbawiciela 10 years ago and instantly won the hearts of Varsovians. The formula of the French bistro, which serves bread, sandwiches, sweets, coffee or wine in an elegant style and at an affordable price in the morning, noon and evening, caught on, so soon there were also premises in Kraków, Wrocław and a second location in Warsaw. Today, another Charlotte opens its doors in the capital at Charles de Gaulle Roundabout. We have checked for you what is hidden under the name of Charlotte Boullion, what is new in its card and on the walls. We talk to Justyna Kosmala, co-owner of Charlotte, about this interesting gastronomic concept.

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Witamy w Charlotte - Chleb i Wino.

Zamów Charlotte na Wielkanoc

Przyjmujemy zamówienia na nasze ciasta, słodkości i pieczywo do wtorku 4 marca, do godziny 10:00.
Zamówienia można składać przez poniższy link: